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We want our clients to feel knowledgeable, comfortable and ready for growth!

We consult with our clients in-person or over the phone and complete a Client Intake form that asks for information like your name, gender, date of birth, and email. At this time, we will discuss your goals. You will also be asked to provide some information on your sleep patterns and comments on your daily experiences at home and work.

Assessment Steps

  1. After an agreement for services, an email with a private link is sent to you to complete the online, confidential ASEBA (Achenbach System of Empirically Based Assessment) psychological questionnaire. This should be completed BEFORE your appointment for the heart rate variability and qEEG brain screenings.
  2. At your appointment, a Heart Rate Variability and breathing screening and an qEEQ brain screening are completed in under one hour.
  3. The results of your ASEBA questionnaire and both screenings will be sent to a clinician for review.
  4. A written report with survey and screening detail and recommendations are sent to The Wellness Lab where the full report is reviewed with you.

Breathing Training Primer

For breathing practice, a one-inch belt is placed on your waist to measure breathing patterns and a small lead is clipped to your right index finger to measure your heart rate.

While a laptop-based system records your heart rate and breathing, you will be coached on how to practice deep breathing. Learning correct deep breathing techniques (from 6 – 8 breaths a minute which only 35 percent of the population does!) will calm the autonomic nervous system and help balance your daily brain patterns.

Neurofeedback Sessions

For Neurofeedback, one small lead the size of a fingertip is placed on the center of the head using a dab of washable, conductive paste. This paste supports the speed and accuracy of data transferred from the brain to a laptop setting. Other leads with conductive paste are clipped onto the right and left ears.

A video of your choosing from the available library will be played and the leads will measure your brain wave activity as you watch the screen. If the video plays uninterrupted, the brain is functioning in a balanced, focused, and calm manner. If the video stutters while playing, the brain immediately seeks to correct this distraction.

Over a period of sessions, the brain learns to continuously manage itself in a steady, balanced and calm state through this training. The result? You train your brain and balance your life naturally!

Sound Sleep Study Steps

The Sound Sleep Study is conducted in the privacy of your home for three nights using a small data box on your nightstand.

When you go to bed, you will place three small patches behind the ear and neckline. Through the night, data will be recorded on how the body is, or is not, in a restful state during sleep. This includes levels of REM (deep) sleep, consecutive restful sleep, and waking patterns during the night.

Study results, tools and recommendations, and coaching are provided to get you into a restful state at night. Neurofeedback, a hormone panel, or other options may be suggested.

Certified Life Management/Recovery Coaching

The Life Management/Recovery Coaching monthly program is action-based and includes:

  • An initial 15-minute free phone consultation
  • Seven dimensions of wellness self-assessment
  • One-hour discovery meeting
  • Three hours of in-person or phone meetings during the month
  • Community resource referrals

We could all use a little help because – let’s face it – life can be messy. Together, we can design your own strengths-based and individualized pathway to optimal living.

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The Wellness Lab provides screenings and assessment for brain and body functioning as well as neurofeedback, sleep assessments and wellness coaching.

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