Did you know you are an amazing power plant? That’s correct, you are an electrical being, producing electricity 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The question is how?

As you eat food, drink water, breathe and sleep, your body converts all these elements into energy…you are literally functioning as your own power plant!

You can observe this daily. You sleep, wake, drink, eat and breathe and as the day wears on, despite eating and drinking, by evening, the batteries are getting low and you need to sleep again.

Optimal performance happens when your body creates and manages electrical energy with excellent efficiency. At the core of these processes is your brain. The brain operates as the air traffic controller for all the systems running through your Autonomic Nervous System.

Your body works to maintain internal stability and balance. When this happens, it’s called Homeostasis. Things like skin temperature, staying at 98.6 degrees, are happening all day. When you are out of internal stability and balance it’s called Allostasis.

This is the term for the processes the body employs to get you back into balance from your changing environment.

So, the main idea then is to learn how participate actively in helping your body more efficiently produce and manage electrical energy, so your power plant is running like a swiss watch!

The Wellness Lab can support you to learn to sleep better. Assessments and training can improve the electrical efficiency of your brain, and your breathing will bring calm and improve the flexibility of your heart…more to come on that in future weeks.

All these improvements working together, will make your power plant more effective and this will translate into real changes in how you feel and function!

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