Life Management/Recovery Coaching*

We could all use a little help because – let’s face it – life can be messy.

Coaching can provide confidential, strength-based support and resources for those ready to make positive changes and overcome unhealthy choices, addictive tendencies, and other self-defeating lifestyle choices that create anxiety, drama or chaos in your day. It draws from several disciplines including recovery life principles, experiential knowledge, positive behavior change and learning theory.

Coaches know the fears and uncertainties that come with choosing a different way of life.

Together, we can design your own strengths-based and individualized pathway, engage community resources and live in alignment with your own unique values and intentions. Coaching is action-oriented with an emphasis on improving present life and reaching future goals.

Coaching also helps locate and connect you with local community resources you may need for support. It’s a blend of care management, coaching, and peer support.

The Life Management/Recovery Coaching monthly program is action-based and includes:

  • Initial 15-minute free phone consultation
  • Seven dimensions of wellness self-assessment
  • One-hour discovery meeting
  • Three hours in-person or phone meetings during the month
  • Community resource referrals
*Certified GEMS Coach and Recovery CART Coach

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The Wellness Lab provides screenings and assessment for brain and body functioning as well as neurofeedback, sleep assessments and wellness coaching.

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