In-Home Training

Lifelong tools for you and your family.

Use neurofeedback within your home to reset your family’s brain and body health and potential at school, work and home. This system requires only the space necessary for a laptop computer to fit on a desk. Representatives personally set up the equipment, train you how to use it and provide ongoing coaching. A clinical team evaluates your screenings and recommends a training program and/or further assessment for each family member.

  • Combines the benefits for the entire family of Brain and Body Ready screenings, neurofeedback, and coaching through convenient, unlimited in-home use for six months. Personalized initial training, weekly education emails and coaching are provided. Additional services and membership options are also available after six months.

For the cost of braces for one child, an entire family can experience long term brain and nervous system balance and wellness in the home!

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The Wellness Lab provides screenings and assessment for brain and body functioning as well as neurofeedback, sleep assessments and wellness coaching.

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