When you walk away from a chance encounter, and feel like you won the lottery, it’s worth a pursuit. Entrepreneurs abound in my co-workspace. They envision, prototype and launch solutions that meet gaps.

One of these seasoned entrepreneurs was well onto his way of launching a whole-person solution featuring a comprehensive series of physiological assessments, neurofeedback treatment for balancing the nervous system and brain without medication, sleep hygiene training and gut health solutions.

Neurofeedback now leverages decades of science and research and is accessible directly to individuals who seek calmness, clearer focus and daily functioning at their personal best. Boy, did I do my research! I became more knowledgeable and open to this option that could change my life, and of the ones I love, work with and enjoy. I engaged in the assessments and began neurofeedback with hope and a decent degree of skepticism.

It’s the little things I initially noticed. I wasn’t pushed over the edge when multiple things went wrong. I kept my peace in situations normally reserved for a fight, or flight. Early on, there was a strange aura of anxiety, like it might wash over, but it didn’t.

Now, further into the neurofeedback sessions, I experience situations through a different lens or perspective – not reactionary just more inquisitive I’d have to say. I remember things that are important to me such as challenges a friend may be experiencing that were previously lost in my busy mind. I am more present which makes me a more compassionate listener. I do not spin endless conversations in my head over every encounter during the day. It is indeed a new language of life.

As clients of neurofeedback share, “When this state keeps going for days, they eventually talk about their new traits of steady happiness, increased energy, confidence, clear boundaries, better sleep, work efficiency and ongoing contentment.”

I am now on to life, fortunate to have found a natural elixir that is teaching my brain and nervous system to heal long term. It’s powerful in its simplicity. Guiding the way, it changes the structure of my brain which changes other parts of my physiology. Neurofeedback is like physical therapy for the brain and nervous system.

As my good friend and associate, Dr. Roger Landry, author of the Amazon bestselling book Live Long, Die Short says, “You must be a warrior for your own health … Never underestimate the ravages of the Big Uneasy, the damaging effects of self-induced chronic stress in your life.”

Life has changed substantially. I have not only invested in my health but that of our community by launching The Wellness Lab which opens its doors this week. We believe that individuals should have ready access to nonpharma options for mental wellness, solutions for living your personal best and sharing that light with others. We also believe that wellness and healthcare practitioners should have a partner that can provide hard data for diagnostic direction and accuracy with their patients and clients.

Let’s get levelheaded together.

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The Wellness Lab provides screenings and assessment for brain and body functioning as well as neurotherapy, sleep assessments and wellness coaching.

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