Is The Wellness Lab right for me?

Yes. It’s a simple, universal answer.

If you’ve ever had any of these thoughts…

  • I just want to feel better.
  • My child is struggling.
  • I can’t focus at work.
  • I freeze at game time.
  • I’m always tense..

Then, The Wellness Lab is definitely for you. We can help change these patterns — naturally, safely, lastingly. A combination of assessments, reviewed by a clinician, will provide you with a data-driven baseline for accurate recommendations and treatment options.

Everyone can now access screenings to their brain, heart and breathing health through The Wellness Lab to live a long, productive and enjoyable life!

What is The Wellness Lab about?

The Wellness Lab helps normal people with everyday problems unlock access to the science of the brain and optimize their daily lives. This includes learning how breathing and heartrate are integrally related to proper brain function. Through special assessments, you’ll get a customized plan based on actual data that will help you improve your brain function.

The human brain possesses about one quadrillion (that’s one million billion!) wired connections that control how we function and feel. When these connections are not firing well, our emotions, thoughts, nervous system, and body can be a hot mess.

In order to feel our best, typical treatment often relies on self-reported symptoms, trial and error medication, and non data-based decisions. To improve your performance, you’ll typically rely on self-discipline or medications alone. Essentially, it’s a guessing game and a test of will.

Now, there is a better option – The Wellness Lab, made up of over 40 years of clinical science involving more than 50,000 brains.

It’s a treasure trove of research-based treatment delivered directly to you and your family.

Why should I consider Neurofeedback as a treatment option?

Neurofeedback is non-invasive, non-drug-induced, and produces no negative side effects. Research indicates an 85 percent success rate for Neurofeedback clients in terms of improvements in their ability to focus, regulate behavior, increase productivity, and experience a better long-term quality of life.

If improving your brain health and balancing your life is not enough, consider this: Over 30 percent of adults with medical conditions have an underlying mental health challenge that goes undiagnosed and is then masked by other treatments. It’s a vicious, and unnecessary cycle.

How do I know the Neurofeedback is working?

Your individual recommendations and plan are based on a psychological questionnaire, qEEG screening, and heart and breathing rate assessments. As your Neurofeedback sessions progress, The Wellness Lab tracks the data to show you the changes and progress in your brainwave activity and heart and breathing rate synchronization. At the end of the recommended sessions, you will be given another full assessment to show changes and the long-lasting improvements you can expect to experience.

Can The Wellness Lab be billed to insurance?

The Wellness Lab services are private pay, payment plan or affordable financing options.

Excellent client financing is available through our office and finance partner, Denefits. Low interest rate financing includes immediate approval, no credit check, 24-hour support, and mobile app access.

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