Brain and Body Ready© screenings

When the brain is balanced, so is your life.

Where to start? Get a true baseline. Let brain and body science be delivered direct to you through screenings completed in less than one hour:

  • ASEBA (Achenbach System of Empirically Based Assessment) questionnaire – Explores 58 items of mental health and behavior using finely-tuned survey science. This trusted tool is widely used in human and mental health services, schools, and medical settings for over two decades.
  • Heart Rate Variability (HRV) and breathing/respiratory rates – Maps and computes how well the heart and lungs are working together and regulated. This pattern directly influences the balance of brain and autonomic nervous system*.
  • qEEG (visual brain mapping) – Maps and computes brain wave activity against clinical biomarkers as a primary indicator of day-to-day brain balance and wellness.

Our clients receive a detailed diagnostic report produced by a clinician team, recommendations based on screening results and one hour of coaching support. Actual ASEBA report results, EKG readings, qEEG readings and recommendations are given to you.

With this information, you can approach your health care providers with clinically based information and consider neurofeedback options.

*Autonomic Nervous System is part of the nervous system responsible for control of the bodily functions such as breathing and heartbeat that we don’t consciously direct.

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The Wellness Lab provides screenings and assessment for brain and body functioning as well as neurofeedback, sleep assessments and wellness coaching.

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