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About Brigit Hassig, MPA, Founder and CEO 

At Unstoppable Exec, I know that in a time of uncertainty and change you need to be a grounded, present and confident leader.

To nail this, you need a program to help unlock your intrinsic, internal assets so you can lead in work and life.  Traditional coaching focuses on your relationships with your teams or reaching goals serving your organization. This is valuable but can unwittingly ignore the foundation (behavior drivers) from which you lead and overlook long term personal and professional growth.  Traditional experiences may even feed the need to repeat coaching in the future.

I searched.  The truth is coaching is a billion-dollar industry.  Shouldn’t you be able to find a personalized, measurable system program that delivers on real long term results for your career and life?  (The most important ROI!) 

You’re not a template, your training and consulting experiences shouldn’t be either.  

I was frustrated. My 20+ year career has spanned all levels of business. Like you, I sought resources and coaching to develop my capabilities, preserve my energy and enthusiasm, and expand my influence. But the impact never lasted.

I finally found the lasting change I was looking for by working with several medical experts and a world-renowned neuropsychologist to develop a high impact program.  Your instrinsic assets are tuned to recalibrate the foundation from which you operate. It can be life bending and it was for me.

The unconscious brain activity that drives up to 95% our thoughts, feelings and actions can be rewired and focused – long term. Stated another way, without such a system, you are harnessing only 5% of your available mental and neurobiological power to manage your career and life.

The American jurist Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. once said: “A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions.”

Your results become the plate from which you function, not just more on your plate. Let’s do this!

Signature Service and Core Values

Why We Exist

We are in the business of transforming self awareness and believe it is the most crucial collective team asset in creating a thriving workplace culture.

What We Do

We deliver:
training, advising and consulting engagements.

Our Values

Commitment to Customer – Develop positive, life changing relationships with clients.
Personal Accountability – Be accountable for delivering on our commitments to clients.
Constant Learning –  Seek more for our clients and learn from them as well.
Innovative – Be flexible to innovation.
Collaborative – Leverage collective genius.


You’re not a template.
Our solutions are not either.

We work with limited clientele each quarter to focus expertise on you.
You deserve a maximum return on your investment.

Call and discover what our experience can offer to your career and workplace.

When you’re ready…


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