4 Easy Steps

Get Levelheaded (def): to be calm and focused even in difficult situations.

The Wellness Lab takes the guessing game out of your mental and nervous system health.

“I now naturally pause, instead of react. I like the outcomes I am getting and I’m no longer so anxious and feeling out of control.”

Jay C.

Step One

Identify the Power in You

You are a unique mosaic of different systems including the brain, nervous system, and breathing. When these systems are not working together, the results can be devastating. When working together with the right tools, training and support, you can feel good each day, long term!

We’ll design a WOGI (you’ll have to find out!) to establish the training goals you want to reach, create accountability and celebrate progress. Next, we discuss a Dimension of Wellness Survey that builds your profile. Last, you complete a world class, evidenced based online questionnaire that details personality strengths, resilience to life situations, and emotional and social challenges.

Your progress is transparent, measurable and even shareable with your healthcare provider. (For children, parents or guardians will work with our team to get this baseline information.)

Step Two

How well does your body respond to daily stress – really.

HRV (heart rate variability) is one of the top predictors of the body’s current and future health – 22,000+ studies strong say so. HRV measures the variation, beat to beat, between heartbeats and is a solid measure of the body’s resilience to stress, state of aerobic fitness, biological age, daily wellness and a pre-indicator of chronic disease.

HRV measurements can help create more awareness of how you live and think, and how your behavior affects your nervous system and bodily functions. While it obviously can’t help you avoid stress, it could help you understand how to respond to stress in a healthier way.

Harvard Health Blog, Harvard Medical School

Using innovative, fingertip-based technology (device and app) each day, our clients learn how to measure, train, adjust and influence their HRV. This work readies the body for neurofeedback – step three.

Step Three

Train Your Brain

40 years of research combined with modern design delivers in an in-home, convenient and clinically supported experience that’s easy to use.
Neurofeedback (or qEEG biofeedback) trains your brain with visual cues you choose and measures brain activity response in real-time. After an initial qEEG assessment and examining your profile (step one), a custom training protocol is designed unique to your needs.

The headset senses brain activity. By playing games, listening to music or watching videos on your smartphone or tablet, real-time visual and auditory feedback adjusts, corrects and balances brainwave activity. Healthy patterns are learned and maintained by the brain long term.

Clients report enhanced memory and focus, decreased impulsivity and anxiety, better mental clarity, more restful sleep, improved mood, and a host of other benefits after using neurofeedback without the side effects that medication may cause.

Step Four

We Review Your Progress

We review your progress as your online coaching and sessions unfold. Your custom protocol may be adjusted depending on your progress. Then, we celebrate your work!

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