Who’s the Boss?

It Shouldn’t be Your Nerves.

Retrain Your Brain. Rebalance Your Nerves.

Learn to live life a better way.

Learn How

Your biology should work for you, not against you.

Welcome to your personal life course in brain and nervous system retraining and regain calm, focus and attention.

At home…with expert guidance…completed in weeks…for children or adults. Together, we got this.

Millions face challenges each day with anxiety, depression, addiction, sleep disorders, and ADD/ADHD. Assessment and treatment are typically not much more than an educated guessing game – and that can have a high cost physically, emotionally and financially . Not any longer.

You and your family can learn to feel and function your best each day, and not just for a few fleeting moments.

The Wellness Lab is passionate about guiding our clients to improved daily and long term health in weeks. Our Brain and Body Fit training engages natural learning using modern Bluetooth smartphone or tablet technology; guidance so you don’t fly solo on meeting serious life-changing goals; weekly, online personal coaching and instruction; metrics to measure your progress; and clinical back-end support.

It’s nonpharma options to reduce or eliminate dependence on medications, increase cognitive skills and eliminate stress interference. Using hard data and 40-year-old science – in your home (see our FAQ and Research page)!

The body learns to self-regulate the brain and nervous system into long-lasting calm, focused and consistent patterns. Could there be a better life course to invest in?!

We offer one package price, with a start and end date, so you only focus on your growth.

Turn anxiety into calm. Turn distraction into focus. Turn scattered into organized.

And we’re not talking about a few fleeting moments, but each day moving forward. In just weeks.

“Learn in three minutes

how to change your life.”

Are we a good fit?

Yes, if you seek to:

  • increase focus, attention and mood
  • lower stress and nervous reactions
  • promote memory and long term health

Due to personalization and attention, limited client spaces area available.

A personal appointment for an online demonstration can get us exploring options.

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