Run on authenticity, not on adrenaline.

Powering up mental strength and wellbeing through training,
private advising and workplace transformation projects.




No more time for:

You’re not a template. Your consulting experience
shouldn’t be either.

What’s different about Your Wellness Lab?
Our hybrid experience in wellbeing and mental health, corporate strategy and executive leadership is your special counsel to thrive in new futures and conquer the present!

Wellbeing Lab

This learning experience empowers you to reframe the unconscious, auto pilot beliefs that drive thoughts, feelings and resulting actions over 90% of our day. One-on-one custom counsel for a 14 week, 24/7 access engagement uses experiential learning, metrics, graduated exercises and daily support and feedback access for foundational belief and behavior change. 

A neurofeedback option physiologically retrains the brain to bring focus, clarity, decisiveness and energy. Recalibrated balance becomes an irrefutable element of your professional success.

Be Unstoppable.

Private Advisor

This premium engagement provides growth, support and accountability while you focus on business. A monthly bank of time is bookmarked from which you draw. 24/7 access through interactive audio and visual platforms allows you (and late night thinking) to benefit from the synergy of a skilled advisor as you encounter challenges or blocks. Related tools and resources follow each session. 

Our clients live and lead in uncertain, high risk and ever-changing environments. 

This is your skilled, safety net for brainstorming, behavior support and leadership guidance.        

Unstoppable Teams

Promoting the holistic life of an employee is now a workplace requirement. We help develop emotionally and socially intelligent workplace solutions that create connection, inclusion and trust. 

Our signature neurocafe’ 14 week experience creates pods of team members, remote or in-office, engaged in a ‘brain train’ quest together using neurotechnology. Clearing the mind, developing mental flexibility, and keeping sustained focus and calm is the team reward – and an organization’s biggest asset. 

Elevate your workplace to be resilient, mentally strong and high yielding. #anxietyfreezones



What Clients Experience

“This goes substantially beyond coaching I have traditionally experienced. This experience is customized, metric based and focuses on redirecting my performance AND physiology. The basic foundations from which I function are grounded for long term results. My skills are expansive now, my days balanced and my team and customers so well served.
It is literally the investment that keeps on giving returns.”
“My professional life is more demanding than ever. Personal development books and professional webinars just weren’t doing it . I knew I could benefit from more accountability and challenge. I was seeking an executive training and coaching program that delivers a ROI with tangible, measurable results and long lasting impact So delivered! Thank you, Unstoppable Exec.”
“I highly endorse this. It is not only because of Brigit’s extensive expertise and experience in the field but it is in knowing that she truly invests in and uniquely serves her clients with a science-based, measurable solution and whole person focus. It will be the most sought-after engagement!”


The Essentials of Becoming Unstoppable

Step One


Discovery – We listen, learn and target your unique needs. An initial video conference, confidential profiles and surveys create an individualized client profile. From there, training protocols and development objectives are customized.

Step Two


Training, advising and consulting – Research-based methods, science-based neuro training, multidisciplinary tools and tactics and an accountability partner harness your best assets to sustain and expand leadership and workplace impact. 

Step Three


Roll Out – Engage, fine tune and leverage new physiological assets, expanded leadership influence and healthy workplace behaviors. Unstoppable!


Working with leaders and workplaces who have a growth mindset.

We engage in a  limited clientele format each quarter to build a strong relationship and focus expertise on you. 

You deserve a maximum return on your investment.

Call and discover what a multidisciplinary and customized experience can do for your career, company and life.


Beyond Templates and Cheerleading

“Your amazing work has inspired all of us…Brigit Hassig and her team of talented and passionate people are out in the front of a national movement…”                

Dr. Roger Landry, author of the award-winning and Amazon best seller book Live Long, Die Short 

I understand your challenges.

My two decade mission-based career has spanned multiple levels of leadership from manager to CEO.  The experience is a powerful hybrid of well-being and mental health focus, organizational strategy and corporate leadership.  Regardless of the challenge, there had to be an unwavering requirement to demonstrate leadership during disruption.

This is the unique position from which I can guide executives and organizations into new futures.

Leaders are in the hot spotlight to demonstrate courage, empathy and balance.  Employees are seeking workplaces to support their emotional and life experience needs. 

The fossils of status quo have to change.  True change can only occur at the unconscious belief level.  Not goal setting, not kitschy coaching templates for success, not company communications extolling ‘we’re in this together.’  

Like you, I’ve sought consulting resources and executive coaching. But, the effects of training never lasted. They didn’t get to the source of my thinking and responses. 

To keep growing, showing up 100% as a leader, I believed there had to more than professional development seminars, webinars, and self-improvement reading.

There is.

I’ve worked with world-renowned specialists and developed a system that powerfully combines behavior transformation, technology, and neurobiology options to help rewire the beliefs, thoughts, and actions that unconsciously drive 90% or more of our decisions and behavior each day – over 60,000 thoughts a day!

We’ve now extended our expertise to support workplace culture changes. 

We’ve done the groundbreaking work for you.   And, I am honored to share this system with you!


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