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Balance Your Life.

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At home or in office…in weeks…with Bluetooth enabled smartphone or tablet technology.

You and your family can learn to feel and function your best each day, and not just for a few fleeting moments.

Who’s the boss? It shouldn’t be your nerves.

Millions face challenges each day with anxiety, depression, addiction, sleep disorders, and ADD/ADHD.  Assessment and treatment are typically not much more than an educated guessing game. Not any longer.

The Wellness Lab supports our clients to improve daily and long term health and performance. The body learns to self-regulate the brain and nervous system into long lasting calm, focused and consistent patterns.  The brain is learning while you experience entertainment, music or games.   Its impact based on 40 years of science.

It’s nonpharma options to reduce or eliminate dependence on medications, increase cognitive skills and eliminate stress interference.

Turn anxiety into calm. Turn distraction into focus. Turn scattered into organized.  Using hard data and 40 year old science – in your home!

Best performance isn’t just for athletes. It can be yours every day.

Treatment options aim to get to the root of the problem helping you reach new levels of performance and activity, whether you’re an athlete looking to get an edge on your competition, or a student just wanting to focus, or a parent or executive wanting to optimize your work and life. And we’re not talking about a few fleeting moments, but for each day moving forward. In just weeks.

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Brain and Body Fit© package

Train your brain, balance your life – naturally.

With over 40 years of clinical use, neurofeedback naturally exercises functions of the brain that are not efficient. Like physical exercise that trains muscles, neurofeedback trains the brain and nervous system functions to be calm and balanced.

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Sound Sleep Study

It’zzz habit forming!

While it’s perfectly natural to occasionally experience difficulties sleeping, it’s not normal to regularly have problems getting to sleep at night. Promoting good sleep depends on a calm mind.

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Resources and general information for brain and body functioning, neurofeedback, sleep, and overall wellness.

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The Wellness Lab provides screenings and assessment for brain and body functioning as well as neurofeedback, sleep assessments and wellness coaching.

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